I have a 64 Barracuda. One owner and has 183,000. Starts but misses

The first step in diagnosing performance problems should always be a compression test; even on a low miles engine.

If the compression is fine then you have to go into the basics like ignition components, carburetion, air leaks, worn distributor shaft, etc.

If the engine is fine, all ign. and carburetion components are fine, and IF the miss is most noticeable at an idle only then you should consider at least the possibility of something like a weak or broken valve spring.
This could be verified by the use of a vacuum gauge.

If you have a question, maybe you could provide some addition information, like what have you tried already. OK has listed some good places to start looking for possible causes of a miss.

V8 or Slant Six?? The FIRST step with these old cars is to get the points ignition properly set up. With the Six, it’s MUCH easier and quicker just to pull the distributor and do it on the bench…

What do you want to re-build? The whole car? Just fix the miss? Neat project car. More info would help . . pictures would be great! How’s the body? Interior? 4-speed? Six or V-8? Rocketman

It is v8 273

V8 273 push button auto