Re: Brakes on '06 Elantra

I’m hoping for a bit of advice.

Last week I brought my '06 Elantra to a national muffler shop for scheduled maintenance. They found no problem except for a bent rim at the right-rear position which they advised me to deal with (but not there … not a service they provide.) I asked if they found any twigs or in the wheel area because I had heard some noises which could have been grinding or the sound of something being dragged, but I was advised they found none.

Within a week i found a good replacement wheel and brought it to a former client of mine who works at a national tire chain outlet across to see if he could mount the existing tire on it. He suggested a pair of reat tires, and I accepted. When the wheel was dismounted he called me to the lift and showed me scoring on the brake rotor. He strongly urged me to get new pads and rotors on both rear wheels, but as i was pressed for time, he agreed to my request to just replace the pads. before I left, he gave me one of the old pads, which was clearly scored. I took that to the muffler shop and asked about the thoroughness of the inspection that they had performed on my car. The shop manager was very contrite, and offered me to come back next week. They will either resurface the rotor at no cost or, if the damage is too far gone, give me an “excellent” reduced price on new rotors.

I called my ex-client at the tire shop and asked if he thought from what he had seen a resurfacing job would be appropriate and he told me not to do anything: The scoring is not so bad and the new pads should ultimately even the surface; the solid type of rotor on the Elantra will suffer more damage by being resurfaced.

Does anyone out there know which advice I should follow?


New pads will not even the surface of a rotor. I also believe that it was not a good idea to replace pads on a bad rotor as the pads will get torn up by the rotor.

I don’t know the specifics, but it does seem you are not devoting enough effort and time in making sure your car is in good condition and you will pay more in the long run and possibly cause an unsafe condition. No one should be so pressed for time that they can’t wait while brakes are properly serviced.