Rav4 problem

For months now my Rav4 (1999) has been “cutting out” like it wants to stall. It never does, but it also doesn’t go until it “clears”. To clear it, I have to pull over put the car in park…rev the engine (which it doesn’t do…almost like the fuel is not getting through)…finally after doing this the car will almost back fire…or feel like a blockage has passed. Then it’s good to go.

My husband thought it was water in the gas…did the dry gas bit, but to no avail. Is the a computer problem that just isn’t showing up with an indicator light? Anyone know if this is a particular problem with the Rav4?

Tearing my hair out and hoping someone will have the answer!

You need to get the fuel pressure checked. If it is below specs, try changing the fuel filter first. Then, you may need a new fuel pump. The ODB-II system does not monitor the fuel delivery system. But, if problems are cronic enough, they will show up eventually with other sensors later.

Thank you. Will have these checked out.