RAV4 Oxygen and Airflow Sensors bad after Recall Software Update

Took the RAV4 in to dealer for recall work. Software patch “BST” update performed. In less that 48 hours, check engine light, vehicle stability control light and traction control lights all came on the dash. Dealer says it was unrelated to the recall software update and that I needed to replace both my Oxygen (02) and airflow sensors from the catalytic converter. To the tune of nearly $700.

The technician said he had never had to replace both sensors at the same time in his career. He also confirmed it could not be related to the recall software upgrade.

I retained the parts ($362 worth) just in case. Does this sound hogwash to anybody else? And if so, how do I go about proving it?


What year is the car?

What engine?

There ARE some Toyota technical service bulletins that require cat replacement AND oxygen sensor replacement

If you answer my questions, I’ll try to post something, if I’m able to

2007 RAV4 four cylinder.