RAV 4 - front end

I have a 2003 Toyota RAV 4 - 78,000 miles - with a clunkey front end. I live on a dirt road in rural Vermont and the car takes a year round beating. I don’t know much about cars but I think it’s the struts? Anyhow when at the dealer’s for an oil change they gave me a price of $1,100 to fix the problem. $700 parts and $400 labor. Is this unreasonable? I’ve always gone to the dealer for work on my RAV 4, our local mechanic only works with duct tape and baleing wire and I’ve never had any luck with him.

I’m not happy with $1,100 but if that’s the going rate I can handle it. Any advise? sydwich

one always pays a premium at a dealership, you do get toyota parts and whatever warranty comes with them…that said, I am sure you can find an independent mechanic that can evaluate the problem and give you his/her price.

Take it to an independent mechanic. The noise could be from something as simple as broken stabilizer bar end links.