Rattling sound


i have a Maxima and for the last year an a half i’ve been hearing a rattling sound coming from the underneath the engine. I have two independant nissan dealer look at the vehicle and they can’t determine what the cause is. the other question recenlty i’ve been hearing a popping sound the bas goes out and comes back in and this happens continuosly. Can anyone tell me what this could be i’ve gone to the experts and not evene they can tell me what and they are suppose to tell me and they’re stumpped.please help cause i can’t take this noise anymore. Thank you in advance for your help

“the bas goes out and comes back in and this happens continuosly.”


Aside from the particularly incomprehensible statement above, there is a need for much more information here:

What model year is the Maxima?
How many miles are on the odometer?
Has it been maintained in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule?
When were the spark plugs last replaced?
Does the Owner’s Manual specify that premium gas should be used?
What octane gas do you use?
Under what circumstances do you hear the rattling noise?
Do you hear it when the engine is cold?
Do you hear it when the engine has gotten to operating temperature?
Do you hear it when the engine is idling?
Do you hear it when you are accelerating?
Do you hear it when you are driving at low speed?
Do you hear it when you are driving at high speed?
How do you know that the rattling sound is coming from underneath the engine, rather than coming from the engine itself, or from a front-end component, or from the dashboard, or from another location?

Are you talking about two different problems, radio and a rattle (could be heat shield)? I am not at all sure what the questions is.

For all we know, the OP could be talking about a fish.

yes to base i’ve also figured out whatwas causing the rattling sound today be acciddent i used the highest octane gas and the noise is totally gone. i think my car requires the top of line gas not reguler or mid grade. thank you i just need to figure out if my speakers are blown.

Unfortunately, running that engine on gas of too low an octane for 1 1/2 years may have led to damage to valves and pistons, so while it is good that the OP is finally using the proper gas octane, it is very possible that serious mechanical problems will show up at a later time. Perhaps he/she will take the time to read the Owner’s Manual when he/she buys the next vehicle, thereby avoiding problems such as this.

And as to the OP’s clarifying statement–“yes to base”–once again, my response is HUH?

Good trivia question. Cars with fish names. Wasn’t there a car named the Marlin? How about that little French job was that named for a marine mammal? Would you buy a car called the Crab?