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Rats nesting in engine

My daughter lives in a large city and was parked in front of her apartment complex. She had some work done on her car and then ended up ill and was home for 4 days. When she went to drive the car it acted as if it was not getting enough fuel. It was taken to a mechanic and was found that there was a rat nesting in the engine.

She owns a 99 infiniti. Why out of all the cars in the lot did it chose that one car to next in? She was not parked by any bushes but directly in front of the building.

I mean no disrespect when I suggest that only one rat came looking for a home, so only one car got hit. There may be some difference in cars that a rat mama would find more homey.

The usual fix for rodents in a car will not work, because the electronic repellers which I use in my home in rural Mexico, with no more scorpions or rats or mice or lizards need a power plug, and that is impractical in an apartment setting.

But, I will repeat the link in case others with the problem come here.

They are not as effective as they are claimed to be. Their figures indicate our 2,850 square feet house would need 2, but we found we needed 8. Cheap at the price. A few weeks ago, a cousin came to ask help on something. I put on my shoes without shaking them, and he was horrified. We simply don’t have scorpions any more, or rats/mice/lizards, though only scorpions hide in shoes.

I would spray Rataway Fragrance from www Rataway .com non-toxic & non-poisonous safe around pets & children use to stop rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, also use to stop chewing dogs & cats.