Rated for towing?

Where I live the streets and highways are filled with “Landscaping Service” vehicles – usually a pickup truck or small stake-body towing a trailer full of big ol’ lawnmowers, trimmers, etc. They range from well-established companies with lots of laborer employees to guys just trying to get a business going.

I admire this fellow’s attempt at entrepreneurship, but I think his automotive engineering skills make him a high risk. This is an over-the-shoulder shot while we were stopped at a traffic light. The trailer is a bit longer than the car.

The trailer is worth more than the car

My bet on the failures in order are

1)rusted frame/unibody/hitch coming apart

  1. transmission failing

3)engine roaching

But they are trying to make a go of it, hopefully they get enough money to upgrade their ride

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Not rated to tow that much. The rear is overloaded. The car likely has a 90 degree Buick V6 in there with 300K on it. Maybe a 3.0 liter, maybe a 3.8. Doesn’t matter, they should not be doing that.

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Desperate people do desperate things. Not much to loose.

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A few decades ago when I lived in Central NY…front page news showed the Staties had pulled over a Ford Pinto towing a Cabin Cruiser. They refused to let him go any further. It was amazing that he got that far. It had PA plates on it (about 100 miles south).

Believe it or not, there are worse examples out there. :wink:



Once I saw a Corvette pulling a boat on a trailer down the highway. It was surreal.

Why you’d even want to put a trailer hitch on a Corvette is beyond me.

Well, I know of at least one good reason.

I know a number of people who’ve put class 1 hitches on performance cars to haul small utility trailers. These people do Autocross racing (parking lot racing) and tow their race tires and tools on those trailers. Typical are Harbor Freight kit trailers modified with a big plastic toolbox and a tire rack.

But at least the Corvette was capable of doing it.

They sell them…


More than likely, the guy with the inappropriate tow vehicle is in dire financial straits.


I knew a carpenter/contractor friend of my son who decided to move from Buffalo to Florida. Moving trucks were too expensive so he built his own trailer with 4x4s and 2x4s and plywood and a junkyard rear axle and springs to tow behind his pickup. The then loaded a house full of furniture and appliances on it.

He made 20 miles before it hopelessly broke.