Rapid-cycling AC compressor on 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX

This is a follow-up from a question I posted last fall (pasted below*). From the responses, the problem seems to be faulty pressure sensors (or abnormal pressures), but Subaru continues to say this is normal. I’ve complained to the district office, and they say that “other Subarus do it too, so it must be part of the design.” I’ve requested they actually ask a Subaru engineer about this, and they said “we don’t have a process for that.” So, just wondering if this is a widespread problem and if any suggestions for how to get Subaru to pay attention to it? Thanks!

*The AC compressor clutch in my new WRX engages and disengages up to several times a minute (whether at idle or speed), even when it is warm outside and in the car. The AC air entering the car cools quickly (usually within a minute or so) to 40F, and then the cycling begins: about 10 seconds on (40F), then 5 secs off (warming towards 50), 10 secs on (cools to 40), 10 off … and on and on indefinitely. I’ve had it to two different dealers: both say pressures and functions are fine (one evacuated and refilled the system), and both say that this is “normal” for the AC "because it is so efficient it doesn’t need to run continuously.? If indeed this is normal, it is a very annoying design!