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Ran 1999 Chevrolet Blazer in neutral with cruise control - what did I do?

I accidently ran my car in neutral with cruise control on then realized rpm going in the red. It doesnt run. Did I kill my motor or my transmission? Thanks

What do you mean by that? It won’t start when you turn the key and the starter turns the engine over? Or it won’t turn the engine over?

Did you hear a big - bang, clatter, clatter? Or just a lot of clatter? If so, Yeah, you seriously hurt your engine.

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You were driving on hwy using cruise control and shifted into neutral and tach than rev’d to redline? Hmm, that’s interesting. I have never tried that or even heard of it occurring. It seems like cruise will rev motor to increase speed to stay at target speed and has no fail safe to detect operation in neutral. Motor rev’d and than stalled? And now will not restart? I vote for motor issue. You were in neutral. Trans is not affected.

You might try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes or so to reset the brains, if it has brains, not sure.