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Ramp for Garage to Raise Van Clearance?

I have garage with a concrete step that runs the width of garage. The step is about eight inches high and runs where the noses of the vehicles are when they are parked. When I pull my van into the garage, the nose fits over the step, but a plastic shield under the van near the nose bumps into the step.

I want to find a ramp to raise my van about four inches so that it doesn’t scrape against the concrete step. Does anyone have suggestions? Regular auto service ramps seem too high and unsteady. Industrial dock loading ramps appear to cost several hundred dollars.

Input is appreciated.

Are you sure you need 4"? If you could live with 2" some stacked plywood would do the job, butted up against the step.

Yeah, I was thinking OP could just put a 2x12 on the floor, flat, and drive up on that. If not use 3 of these. First one flat, then 2 stacked. Nice easy bump up. You could even sand down the edges. Then you’d be set on a wide, stable, flat surface, that BOTH wheels sit on together.

why not just fill in with some gravel? it actually sounds like the concrete “step” is just your garage floor slab with an unfinished driveway leading up to it - unless I’m missing something

Regular service ramps come in different heights and are made with different materials. I have two sets, one short set of ramps made of plastic for use with cars with low body parts and one taller set of ramps made of metal for use with trucks, vans, and SUVs. As long as you don’t exceed their weight capacity, they are prefectly fine. However, before I go under the vehicle, I always place a couple jack stands under the vehicle for insurance. I recommend you do the same, especially if you use stacked plywood.

Another option is to buy some leveling blocks that are used for leveling RVs at campgrounds. They stack like lego toys and you basically build ramps with them. They are in the RV section at Walmart. They might look flimsy, but they will hold up, and like I said above, out a couple jack stands underneath for insurance. If the ramp fails, or the car starts to fall off the stack of plywood, those jack stands might save your life.