Ram won't start when hot

2015 Ram Bighorn 5.7 engine at 25000 miles engine would time out and not start when hot. Even on a hot day the same thing. Have to try it 2/3 times before it will start. It just cranks over and don’t hit at all. None of the dodge people around here know whats wrong. It does not set a code. Truck still under warranty and now have 15000 miles on it. HELP!!

I would guess the crank shaft position sensor.

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I’m sure the dealer can’t figure it out, right? If you have more than one dealer around you, have you taken it to the others? Any dealer can do warranty work. If no dealer can figure it out, elevate it to Ram corporate people. The number should be in your owner’s manual. If you take it to Ram often enough without satisfaction, you may be eligible for a lemon law return. I’m not saying the truck is a lemon, but you need to be ready. Make sure you get a receipt every time you go to a dealer. Once you have something like six visits, you could get a new truck. Look up the lemon law in your state on line to see what is required. I had a lemon law return that almost went though 30 years ago. The dealer will bend over backwards to not have to replace your truck.


I agree 100% with @jtsanders

If this dealer is able to duplicate the problem, but they can’t figure it out, they are incompetent

Mechanics with good diagnostic skills are able to figure out problems with no fault codes

Mechanics with weak diagnostic skills don’t know where to begin, absent a fault code

I’m not bragging, but I’ve fixed many stalling and driveability complaints, which didn’t have any fault code. And I’m sure the other professionals on this forum could make the same statement.

I hope you’ve specifically requested that you want the best guy to work on the truck, yes?

Document everything, names, dates, places, etc.

Call Ram corporate

And go to another dealership.

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I am just puzzled that you said the problem happened at 25000 miles and it now has 15000 miles.

Had it to three dealers. One had it twice and I also called chrysler and they said to have the dealer call them. Dealer said to leave it with them for four days and they would try to figure it out. This truck has the hit the key and let it start it’s self. It would crank for a few seconds, About 15 and stop.got worse and would just keep cranking until I shut it off. The problem started at about 2000 miles. I now have about 15000 on it.