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what radiator better a 1".in core or a 5/8 "in core.

Everything else being equal, the thicker core will provide more cooling.

Why would you not just get a direct-fit OEM replacement, change it out, and go on with life?

Is there a lot more to this story that compelled you to consider using a nonstandard radiator?

because rock auto sell a 1" inch core and a 5/8" inch core that fit my truck.

Which came with the truck?

It can be misleading to assume that a larger core means more heat dissipation. A smaller core could actually have more surface area to dissipate heat through, just as a bucket of marbles has far more surface area than a bucket of softballs. The radiator supplier should be able to help you with this.

I’d stick with what the manufacturer installed or an aftermarket copy. That’s the best way to ensure proper flow, heat dissipation, and fit.

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If 2 sizes are available, my guess is the larger one is to compliment a towing package. A quick call to a dealer could confirm this.

Good point. I never thought of that.

Make sure whatever size you buy will actually fit in the space allowed. On my truck anyway there’s very little room in that area. A half inch thicker radiator wouldn’t fit.