i open the radiator and it smells like its burning what could that be because there is a squeaking noise where the front of the engine is

Is there fluid in the radiator? What color is it?

Water pumps can squeak.

it is a brown color

As in rusty brown, or brown like chocolate milk?

like a light brown

The squeaking noise could come from a belt, belt tensioner, water pump or other accessory starting to fail. A wide choice! If the smell is rubbery burning, check all belts and accessories.

Opening the radiator may have nothing to do with the smell, unless you are absolutely sure by sticking your nose right in the opening! In that case you have a failing head gasket and the exhaust gasses are finding their way into your cooling system.

You may have TWO problems, as indicated. Take the car to a good mechanic, and change the coolant regardless, if you have not already done so.

could changing the coolant and flashing the system good help and take the squeaking noise away

You clearly have contamination in the system, so it should be flushed and replenished anyway. The coolant acts also as a lubricant for the water pump, and if the fluid is long overdue for replenishment the pump could be failing due to having been run too long without proper lubrication. It that’s the case, changing the fluid might stop the sqeaking, but it will not restore the pump to its preworn condition. The pump will inevitably fail.

As Doc said, there are a number of other possibile causes of the squeaking. If you’re doing the work yourself, remove the serpentine belt and play with the pulleys, looking for something that’s not rotating freely, is wobbling, or has signs that the belt has been slipping on it. If you’re having the work done, tell the shop the symtoms, tell them about the coolant, tell them your concerns, and let them do the diagnosis.

Has the coolant been maintained as directed in the owner’s manual? How about the rest of the car?

By the way, people will be more willing to help you if you use proper English and punctuation.

I have a problem with a squeaking noise at the belt tensioner, could the belt tensioner be bad?

I put wd-40 on it the noise goes away and comes back

You put WD-40 on what? If you mean you’re putting it on the belt tensioner, then yes you should at the very least replace the tensioner pulley if not the entire tensioner.

In general, though, don’t spray WD-40 around in the are of the serpentine belt. It will make a mess of the belt, the pulleys & their operation.

Or do you mean that you’re actually spraying WD-40 on the belt itself? Doubly bad idea. Perhaps both the belt and tensioner should just be replaced.

It is very loud at the belt tensioner, but it has tension on the belt. When you drive down the road it gets worse.

Either the belt is slipping or the tensioner pulley is shot. A tensioner with a bad pulley will continue to put tension on the belt - up until the moment that the pulley seizes. Then something is going to give. It is also the case that a weak tensioner will still put tension on the belt.

So it is more likely the belt tensioner pulley then.

I don’t know - you still didn’t say what you sprayed WD-40 on.

I sprayed WD-40 on the belt tensioner pulley

Take it off. Stick the pulley up to your ear, spin and listen. It should be nice and quiet & smooth sounding. Yours will probably grind & rattle some. If you have to, go to a parts store, ask for a new one and compare the sound. If it sounds anything but smooth and quiet, replace it. You can often replace only the pulley, though replacing the whole tensioner often doesn’t cost much more and is likely a good idea.

i don’t want to buy something that don’t need to be replaced.

i aint sed buy it i sed chek it