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Radiator Support minor repair


I have a damaged radiator support on an 2013 Audi TT. The broken piece is not structual and does not interfere with the proper support of the radiator. However I do have a broken piece that I would like to put back in place. The support is plastic but I do not know the material so that I can choose the best welding solvent. Does anyone know what this is made from (ABS, PVS, PP, etc)?

I have no ideal what welding solvent is but gluing the piece back together might last 15 minutes of driving. Either just ignore it or buy a replacement part.

Then what does this piece do? If it’s a “radiator support” then it is structural.

do you have a photo you can post?

Not sure of the material but looking at a pic of one online I can tell you how I usually approach these kind of things for myself.

I don;t like to rely solely on the adhesive/solvent. I like to make a bridge support from aluminum because many alloys are easy to form to shape. Then I drill a couple of holes on either side of the break to use a pop rivet for mechanical connection. If it is more structural, I may have a companion bridge piece on the other side as well.

Then I rough up the surface with some sandpaper and slather it up with JB Weld. Then apply the bridge pieces and rivet them into place. If you use JB Qwik, it’s usually ready to reassemble in 15-20 minutes.

This guide may be of some help.


That is an excellent question Bill. The radiator support performs the principle job of supporting the radiator but also has attached to it a support bats fitting into the backside of the lower spoiler. This support bars is attached to the radiator support at multiple points across the front of the car and all but an outside corner remains firmly attached. Given the adequate support I am looking to just reset it so that it cures any vibration at the bottom corner of the formed part. Here is a picture but I do not think it provides a full view and until I pull everything off for repairs, The broken fracture line does mate up when not pulled out for the picture.


How did that damage happen? If the vibration is annoying and a patch does not hold could you just cut the piece out ?

That appears to be a huge missing piece

I’d either leave it alone completely, or just replace the entire radiator support

I am leaning towards @TwinTurbo 's repair advice on a part that big.

Or, I’d be repairing that with epoxy-resin based fiberglass - available at boat supply stores. The best repair would require you to take the panel off, sand the edges of the repair, back the hole with tape and maybe a bit of cardboard and then apply fiberglass mat and epoxy resin. It would give a strong repair - as strong as new. But if you’ve never done anything like that, look for some vids on YouTube and see if you can or want to do that.

Is that the support, or a shroud? If it’s the support, I’d replace it. But it doesn’t look like this picture of a TT radiator support:

I’d check the boneyards for a replacement.
But if I DID try to repair this damage, I’d try repairing it with fiberglass from the parts store. You’ll probably need to create a “buck” of the needed shape and coat or cover it with something that can come off of or with the fiberglass without a problem. Aluminum foil would work.

If it is just the fan shroud, as @texases mentioned, then there’s no doubt that I would just replace it. It can’t be that much money, or work, for that matter