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Radiator leaks

My radiator losses fluid,but I can’t find were it’s leaking from. occasionally there is a slight oder of radiator fluid,the way I know is the heat gage passes 110 degree mark,and I get no heat

If you feel you aren’t mechanically inclined, have someone you know who is check the vehicle over before you take it to a shop.

First: what year, make, model, engine and mileage is your vehicle?

Is there coolant on the ground under the radiator or engine?

Check all the coolant hoses, especially the ends where the clamps are.

Also check for coolant leaks from the heater core and hoses and around the intake manifold and head gasket areas.

Have you noticed a slow but steady loss of coolant from the coolant reservoir bottle? Check the FULL COLD level in morning BEFORE starting the engine.

IF the coolant is below the FULL COLD mark on the bottle when you check it, top the coolant up and then the next morning check it again.

If the coolant is once again low, take the vehicle to a reputable shop for a coolant pressure test.