Radiator fan relay fuse 98 civic

The person I got the civic from for whatever reason took the relay fuse for the radiator fan and put one wire from one side of other side to make the fan run as soon as the car is turned on. Tried to put the relay fuse back in and it doesn’t work at all. Any one have any answers or advice on what I need to do to get it fixed right.

There is also a green wire from that relay to the “engine temperature switch A” - so says my Haynes manual’s circuit diagram. That switch may be not working. It’s probably near the thermostat or somewhere else in the coolant path. That switch activates the relay, therefore the fan, only when coolant temperature is up to a certain point.

Good luck and please let us know what you find.

Susan , with this and your other threads it appears that this vehicle could cause you problems that just won’t stop. It might be a good idea to start planning on replacing it when you can.

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In one of your other threads you stated that your mechanic thinks you have a cracked head and that it overheats, That is why the PO bypassed the fan relay, who knows what other things were done to keep this thing running.

The SRS fuse was it missing or blown ?

It’s time to either commit to this vehicle and spend a few thousand more on it to make it dependable, or take your losses now and use it for a trade in.

Thanks my son will check it out tomorrow. Thanks for your help

Thanks my son will check it out tomorrow.

That’s my plan is to baby it until I can get another one.

I know. So much for buying a car from a so called friend. Never again.
Thanks for your help

Shorting across a fuse with a jumper wire like that wouldn’t normally affect when the fan turned on. The fuse must have been burning out and preventing the fan from working so they “solved” the problem by eliminating the fuse. The downside to this technique is that it could cause other problems, including an electrical fire. I expect the fuse may have been burning out b/c the engine was overheating which caused the fan to run all the time, which it isn’t designed to do.