Questions regarding 2002 Monte Carlo


I bought my used 02 Monte several years ago. For the most part it has run good but it never came with the owner’s manual. Which leads me to my questions:

1) Since it didn’t come with the manual I naively assumed that, even if it wasn’t required, using 89 octane gasoline would be better than using 87. I’m now discovering that that is not the case. In the interest of saving money and the enviroment I’d like to downgrade. After using 89 for a good 4 to 5 years would switching down to 87 damage the engine?

2) The “Low Tire Pressure” light came on. I filled up the tires but can’t figure out how to turn the light off. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance for the help.


See if there’s a sticker on the doorjam that indicates the octane requirement. Or you could call the local dealer who can look it up for you. If it says you can use 87 octane, than you can, no matter what you’ve used fore the past years.

While you have the dealer on the phone, ask him how to reset the low pressure warning light. Different cars have different protocols. Mine has a button in the glovebox.


The owner’s manual contains a lot of useful information. I recommend buying one. Even ordered from the dealer it shouldn’t cost more than $20 or so, a worthwhile investment, IMHO.


You need an owner’s manual, and perhaps a shop manual.

Try for inexpensive used owner’s and/or shop manuals.

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Register on and you’ll be able to download an electronic copy of your owner’s manual or go on-line whenever you want to peruse the owner’s manual…I use for my 1996 Buick LeSabre so I’m pretty confident you’ll be able to find the book for an 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo. Good luck!


i got the same got to reset the tire low.first turn your key on accesiores.make sure your radio is off.hold the on button in on the radio untill you see settings come on. it is all done from the radio in the carlet me go look to make sure


i bought mine new 02montecarlo ss 3.8.i have been using regular since i bought it.runs great dont need to put in 89 octane save your money.on that low tire pressure it is all done using the radio .you can log in at you alot about that car and if their is any recalls and you cand do a service history log.


Great, thanks for the help!