Question re: dealership and first time maintenance

Okay, so my 2018 Kona drives really well, no problem other than filling a tire after seeing a warning on the screen. It also reminded me that I needed to have basic maintenance seen to, after x amount of miles (@22,000) . I didn’t think it was really necessary since it had been on the lot for a few months and hadn’t been driven until I bought it- only had it since late September. I checked the oil, fine. Brought it in for maintenance, anyway, just to be on the safe side. Well, it drives weirder than when I brought it in. A little “jerky”? or slow on the uptake when accelerating, and I felt a slight pull rightward occasionally when driving. Can the jerkiness be due to “topping up the oil” if it didn’t need it? I have to say, this dealership has a sketchy reputation. (My warranty is for 10yrs/100,00m but for transmission/drive train) I have a trusted garage nearby, and wonder if I erred in bringing the first maintenance check to the dealership. Maybe this is a “venting” post.!

if you topped off the oil then it was a little low and needed oil. that should not effect the way it drives. if you added air to a tire it could have a nail in it and still be leaking. keep an eye on it to see if it loses air. a tire low on air can cause a slight pull to one side. I am not sure what the dealer actually did when it was their because you did not say. if they changed the air filter it is possible they could of left a vacuum hose off or not connected something back up correctly which could cause the engine to act funny.

What maintenance was performed?

Hopefully, the 22,000 mile mark wasn’t the first oil change on the car.


Your first oil change was @ 22,000 miles ?

according to your owners manual it should be once a year OR every 7,500 miles which ever comes first

Hopefully that was at least your 3rd oil change…


Yeah that was a little late. My first oil change was 5000. Also at 10,000 the dealer wanted the differential oil changed. Then I do transmission and transfer case at 30,000.

she just got it a couple months ago

Receipt says:

5K/7.5K miles service
OEM oil and filter change
rotate tires
parts- Filter assy-engine/ Gasket-Engine oil/ GTMO 5W20 BK SN E
Multipoint inspection

Anyway, seems pretty standard? I don’t think they changed the air filter and neglected to connect a hose. Obviously, I’m new to this. Trying to keep a newer car in good shape.

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By the way, thanks to everyone in general. A decent forum with really great folks.


If you have questions about about what service and when…

Read your owners manual. It is all covered in there. Assume you are “severe service” because most people are and it is the most conservative. If the dealer tries to upsell a service that is not listed, ask them why you need it!

If you intend to keep the car for a long time, many of us here recommend transmission fluid drain, filter change and fill at least every 60K miles even though most manufacturers don’t list ever changing it. Same for an intake clean with this direct injection engine every 30K miles.

Service more frequent than the manufacturer recommends for lubricating fluids can’t hurt and can only help the life of the car.

If it isn’t listed, then they didn’t do it. In any event, 22k would be early for air filter replacement unless you live in a very dusty area. Check your maintenance schedule to verify the interval, but I doubt if it calls for that service before 30k miles.

I hope you took it back so that they could reconnect it.

Thanks for the info. I did check the owner’s manual, but figured that they knew what was needed since I purchased the car from them- it was a loaner from the dealership and driven few miles. Will take it out for a spin later (towards the dealership) and see if it’s my imagination. In any event, the regular garage is more trustworthy and nicer to deal with. Live and learn.

Everytime I have a car worked on by the dealer or mechanic it seems to “act a little bit weirder” but I eventually realized that it was because I was a little bit weirder, paying more attention to every little thing.

More important, although I have a great independent mechanic, when the vehicle is first under warranty I always use the a dealer.
Yes, there is no requirement to use a dealer to keep your warranty in effect but if you’ve followed the maintenance schedule and anything goes wrong, there’s no “who struck John” about whether the maintenace was properly performed.
To wit, my son’s Sonata was one of the batch with the engine defect but he had all his maintenance done at the dealer. Ironically the engine blew @ about 50,000 miles on his way for the periodic maintenance.
The car was towed in, the dealer immediatly totaled the engine, replaced it with a new engine and provided a new loaner Sonata for the month that it took to receive the engine and install it.
No questions, no discussion, no “referral to Corporate” and most important no charge.
Frankly he was happy as a clam, got to sport around in a loaded new car for a month and got a new engine for nothing .

Can’t say that it wouldn’t have been the same if you used an independent mechanic for maintenance but with new engines costing what they do I somewhat doubt it.


As long as the engine oil level is correct, unlikely anything they did would cause something noticeable to the engine performance. Not saying there’s nothing wrong, but it might be just a coincidence. It’s also possible you are paying more attention after it was service and whatever you are now noticing about the engine has always been there. I had a VW Rabbit years ago, and after a service I notice a very slight but high pitched whine, only heard when driving fast. Turned out that had always been there, just didn’t notice it, fuel injector noise.

The pulling might be related to the tire rotation. Tread patterns can develop over miles of driving that aren’t noticed by the driver until the tire positions are changed. You could try putting the tires back in the original configuration, un-rotate them in other words, see if that changes it back to the way it was before. Me, I wouldn’t bother, just check to make sure all the tires are at the correct psi, and get the left and right side to match psi’s as precisely as I could. Problem will likely resolve as the tires wear better into their new configuration.

"Not saying there’s nothing wrong, but it might be just a coincidence. It’s also possible you are paying more attention after it was service and whatever you are now noticing about the engine has always been there. "
Thanks for that. Wonder if I was being paranoid. The dealership and service center have “ratings/reviews” from 5 stars to 0. A lot of 0’s. Drove earlier today and it seems okay. Will keep an eye on it for a bit.

You’re lucky to be near a dealership with integrity and nice that they “totaled” said engine. We had a great local mechanic who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. A philosopher, too. Before he got his shop he made house calls.