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Question about wheel bearings

I’ve got a used 2004 impala with 200, 000 miles. The wheel bearing roar began. A mechanic drove it at a national outlet and said it needed the front bearings replaced. Is there any workable alternative to repairing the problem with two new wheel bearings? Thanks.


The GM Wheel bearing assemblies on these vehicles are prone to failure. Unfortunately the bearing is sealed in a hub with an integrated wheel speed sensor for the ABS. You cannot repack the bearing or just replace the races like older units.

My 2004 Monte Carlo had the first set fail at 50K miles. When I searched for this issue it was apparent that it is a GM issue. It was also recommended that I use Timken over other brand names because the failure rate was higher. I’m not certain about that… I am at almost 90K miles now and one of the Timken replacements is just starting to get some play. No noise yet…

This is a very easy part to replace yourself if you can do a brake job you can do this.

This type of nonservicable bearing/hub assembly is bacoming commonplace among manufacturers.

There is no alternative to replacing the hub assembly. When you do replace them, do not cheap out on them. Use only Timken or National, and make sure the repair shop does as well. These brands are more expensive than some, but you really do get what you pay for with these hub assemblies. I have tried the cheapo parts and they last about a year, just long enough to get out of warranty.

Thanks to W30post, the same mountainbike and mark9207.

I appreciate your willingness to take the time to answer. Now I can move forward without worry.


the National or Moog our not that expensive for a GM car. mark9207 is correct spend the extra cash for the better hub it will pay for itshelf in the long run by not having to do the job a second time. I have sold both the cheap ones and the good ones i always seam to get the cheap ones back about the time the warrenty runs out.