Question about rear anti lock brakes?

A few days ago on a clear dry day some idiot pulled out in front of me and I had to lock it down it went to fish tailing the first time in ever all the years I owned the truck. I may be wrong but I thought rear anti lock were like ABS but only on the rear wheels what happened?

I doubt you want my opinion but here it is. Something is probably wrong with the RABS so you should take it out at fairly low speed and experiment with braking hard to see what’s going on. Even without RABS I think the rear is not supposed to lock up before the front. Maybe your drum brakes need servicing if you have them. The Ford RABS are dump only so the rear braking will be isolated from the brake pedal and permanently reduced depending on how much fluid it dumped out of the rear brake system until you let off on the brakes to reset the valves in the RABS.

Yes, rears are not supposed to lock first by federal specs failed ABS or not.

I don’t know what year F150 you have. 4 wheel ABS has been mandetory for a while now and rear-ABS never was that good anyway. Agree with Wonderful 90s, time for a check on the braking system.

It is a 90 I don’t what the SNOWMAN said as I have him blocked. I just had another thought the road I was on was recently repaved that might have had something to do with it when I got back to my road Iocked it down and it worked like it always did.

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Your rear-only ABS may have gotten stuck or confused by the new pavement. Good that it is OK now.

It is always a bit disconcerting when the tail lights try to pass the driver!

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If old tires with less traction compared to the front were put on the rear it could make the rear skid first even if the brakes are working properly. RABS should prevent the rear from skidding too much though. I assume the ABS warning light isn’t on.