Question about Power Booster on Ford Edge 2013

I have a question. We recently found out that our Power Booster needs to be changed on our Ford Edge 2013. Apparently it was under a soft recall so we weren’t notified of this issue prior to something happening. We went to two garages who made repairs on the vehicle before the second mechanic did some research and found out that there was a recall and the Power Booster needs to be changed. The car is now at a Ford dealership where they are making the change. We spent $3000 on the car already on fixes that didn’t actually solve the problem (but perhaps were needed anyways?). My question is, is Ford liable for any of the repairs we already paid for? Does driving on a faulty booster cause any of these problems? I actually have no clue about cars, but it doesn’t seem right that we had to spend over $3000 for finally finding out that there was a recall and it should be covered by Ford. Here is a list of what was changed on the car. Please let me know if I have any grounds to have Ford cover some of the expenses:

Rear wheel bearings
Disc brake caliper (2 rear)
brake fluid
disc brake service (front)
Left and right tie rod
new driveshaft
front brake pads and rotors

Thanks for your help!

I doubt if Ford will reimburse you for any of those . But you can look in your manual for contact numbers and addresses . This is one of those questions where no one but Ford can answer and it looks like all of those items would be under the normal wear of a 7 year old vehicle.

Thank you for your response! So, none of these would have to do with the power booster not functioning properly and us not knowing that was the real issue?

Most of those Ford could claim were wear items (not the driveshaft). What were the symptoms leading up to these repairs?

That’s right. None of the other repairs are at all related to the booster failure.
You don’t mention how many miles this vehicle has or driving conditions (highway vs city stop-and-go).
All those things, with the possible exception of wheel bearings and drive shaft, are not unusual for a 7 y.o. vehicle.

Originally the car had a shaking feeling while driving, and then a metal on metal sound when braking.
Eventually, once changes were made, the brakes seemed extra sensitive and just pulling off the gas, the car would stop.

Ok thank you.

How many miles on the vehicle? Everything you listed is considered normal wear and tear items and would have nothing to do with the brake booster Recall. A failing brake booster will cause the brake pedal to be hard to depress is all.

You refer to shaking and metal on metal sounds. That sounds to me like plain old worn out brakes which were not checked on a regular basis along with tie rods.
You have not stated the reason for the driveshaft replacement but I will hazard a guess. The U-joints (wear and tear) were failing and the shaft is only available as a complete unit. I’ve seen several other Ford products in which a complete shaft is the only thing available.

It may be distasteful, but the odds of Ford reimbursing any of that 3 grand to you is zero IMO and in all honesty that’s the way it should be.