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Puzzler week of July 13, 2009

What is up with the puzzler? The show neither gave the answer to last week’s puzzler “Tommy Hoofs it Home” nor gave a puzzler. Yet, I got an e-mail that had a new puzzler, and a link to last week’s answer.

Also, I don’t think the answer they gave to “Tommy Hoofs it Home” is unique. Where is the proof?

He should use a screwdriver to lock up the wheel.

I agree with Marathon. The answer given assumes facts not in evidence.

Nothing in the question says which station it was that Tom arrived at one hour earlier than normal. Are we to assume both the work and the home stations were arrived at one hour earlier than normal? This would depend on trains running in such a way as to make this possible. Schedules are rarely this accommodating. Also it says Tom was “taking a haircut”. There is no indication of how long Tom had been engaged in this activity (and therefore not walking). The question was about how long Tom had been walking, and not about how long it had been since he left the train station.

Sorry Tom & Ray, but this puzzler question/answer was BOGUS.