Purchasing a used Equinox

From what I’ve heard and read the past few years . . . the trucking industry is cut-throat and it’s getting increasingly hard for a trucker to earn a respectable living


The trunk in my 1988 Caprice was large enough for a family of gypsies to set up housekeeping.

You are right in what you have heard. Make’s me glad I am retired, used to be able to make a good living but with all the new rule’s & regulation’s getting worse every year no more.

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That is true, but the pathetic suspension on those cars meant that putting more than 4 suitcases in the trunk resulted in your car "bottoming’ on every large bump in the road.

Agree! But that is why we had HD suspension and heavy duty everything else… The trailer towing package was similar to the police package, and had a brutal alternator, large battery, HD transmission cooler, HD radiator, and HD suspension all around. The standard version was a bit of a water bed on wheels and unsuited for mountain driving. Great for driving the Interstates from East Coast to the Rockies.

One reason I justified this stuff to the company was that much of my job was visiting large construction and maintenance contracts where I had to visit job sites. Many guys in standard company cars tore off their mufflers.

The last GM car that I purchased (a 1981 Citation) was factory-ordered with the full "police package’.
I shudder to think about how many more problems I would have had if I hadn’t ordered it with the full police package.

A full police package on a Citation?? I’ve never seen this very mediocre car used as a police vehicle! Our company bought a few as inspector’s cars to visit job sites. The steering racks went out and the bodies were very rust prone. Also transmission problems.

They may not have labeled it as the “police package”, but the options package that I ordered included the HD suspension, high-capacity alternator, and full gauges. That was essentially the police package.

Back in the '60s, when I first worked for my state’s Child Protective Agency, our cars were all very low-performance six-cylinder sedans, but they were all equipped with the “police package”.

Any town that used Chevy Citations as their police cruisers must have been truly impoverished . . .

There is a town not far from me that has a smart car as a police cruiser. they use it on a walking & bike trail that used to a r r track’