Purchase Advice: Car for Daily Commute, Everyday Use (Honda, Kia)

Thanks for your advice. It’s time for me to purchase a new car, and I would appreciate your feedback and experience. I drive approximately 100 miles round-trip five days a week for my job commute. My current gas bill is $600 a month driving an 03 Chrysler 300M Special. I am considering two options for a more fuel-efficient car (the 300 averages 22.1 in combined driving, according to the car computer). Option 1: 2011 Honda CRZ – 35/39 (Hybrid). I test drove one yesterday. Not used to the rough ride (the roads here are not so smooth), but I did like the car, and all the board posters say these cars actually exceed the posted fuel economy. I have another car, so the two-seater would not be too bad if I needed more room for passengers. Option 2: 2011 Kia Optima The car gets 24/35 and would be a more comfortable commute, but I would have to sell my other sedan to purchase this car. Any thoughts on the Honda? Kia? My fear on the Kia is that it would be more expensive and might not achieve even the posted fuel economy. My concern on the Honda is that for the next five years I might have a cool, efficient car that is too small and uncomfortable. Thanks for your advice!

500+ miles a week in a car is not something I’d skimp out on in terms of ride quality; Be comfortable.

I’m assuming those are mostly highway miles? Have you considered a TDI VW? Looks like most offer 40+mpg on the highway

I’ll check it out. Thanks!

The 2011 Hyundai Accent and Elantra are supposed to get 40mpg highway. The Elantra is a more expensive but would be bigger and more comfortable. I’d wait for the 2012 Elantra hatch-back.

I’d buy the one I like best and would be willing to keep for 10 years. Gas mileage is so close that I wouldn’t consider it.