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Pulsing/growling ABS at low speed on 2004 Grand Prix

When coming to a full stop, there is a growling/grinding sound from beneath the floor behind the brake pedal and I can feel the growling./grinding in the pedal as well. Used to happen occasionally, now is happening more often than not. When the Service ABS System/Service Traction System message is displayed (occasionally) on the message center, the growling/grinding doesn’t occur and the brakes work .ike normal. When I turn the car off and restart it, the messages are no longer displayed and the growling/grinding sound and feel returns. Any thoughts?

Start by scanning the ECU for chassis codes (C-codes).
Post the results.

I’m trying to minimize repair costs since I plant to replace the car in October. It has 103,000 miles on it. Is there anything against disabling the ABS and just having conventional brakes?

We all drove without ABS for years and somehow survived. However, you MUST adjust your emergency braking technique accordingly. Only you know your driving skills.

You’re right, I’ve driven more vehicles and more miles without ABS than with it and have managed just fine.

I wholeheartedly agree that you can drive safely without the ABS, as many of us did for most of our lives. However I’d check for codes first. The problem might be a simple and cheap fix. The single most common cause of ABS problems is a wheel speed sensor that’s dirty, unplugged, or defective.

Know too that ABS works by interfering with the brake system’s hydraulics. Everything else about the brake system is the same as if it had no ABS. Disabling it only means you go back to regular, normal brakes.