Pulling the gas tank from a 1981 AMC DJ5

Any tips on how to pull the gas tank from a 1981 AMC postal vehicle

The model of my vehicle is not listed, it’s most similar to a CJ but it is a DJ5

Start spraying the gas tank strap bolts with penetrating oil now.

And if you’re lucky, they’ll come off without snapping off.


+1 to @Tester’s suggestion.

Spray early, spray often, spray for days and days. Help a little old lady across the street… anything to improve your karma so the bolts don’t break on this nearly 40 year old vehicle.

Is there something in particular that’s causing a problem, or are you wanting general pointers? I would think the parts involved, while rusty, would be pretty simple.

You may want to read David Tracy’s post on his postal Jeep repairs:

That article is old news

David Tracy’s postal jeep is literally a piece of garbage in a scrap heap now

he’s had at least one follow up since that article you posted

Just looking for tips if there is anything I should watch out for pulling the gas tank, I have never pulled a gas tank on a vehicle this old and that has been sitting for so long

Yep, old news, but there are LOTS of links in that article to his previous articles about what he did. He sure was a glutton for punishment (and rusted out old Jeeps).

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If you are talking about dropping the tank to remove fuel pump there is no need as all the one’s I have seen have an access plate to get to thank without having to drop the tank.

That access plate must have been for something else, the fuel pump is on the engine.


I like David Tracy’s articles

And the guy obviously has picked up some real wrenching skills over the years

However . . .

I’m a landlord, and I’d NEVER tolerate a tenant such as him, with all those vehicles . . . many of them being really junky and with no apparent redeeming value whatsoever . . . on my property

What I was going by is I get a package delivery through USPS 2 or 3 time’s a month by the time they get to my house they are close to the end of their route and when they open the cargo area I can see the access plate. I don’t know where the fuel pump is.

Lots of penetrating oil, and make sure you wear goggles and a mask when you get under there to take it down

Is the tank empty? Make sure you are careful around gasoline.

Look under the hood. You likely have a carburated engine with the fuel pump mounted to the engine and easily removed leaning over the fender.