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Pulling Car Tyre for Camber Modification [Pulling Car Tyre for Camber Modification]

I’m living in Saudi Arabia, I want to ask the name of a procedure in which Car Chasis or Strut or Arm is pulled after making it hot, to make it in desired/required position. As I know the Arabic name of this procedure but I want to know the English name of this procedure, I’ve included a video also.
In this procedure, wheel camber alignment is also included by pulling the required part but when I google “Tyre Pulling for Wheel Alignment” it shows me results of “why your car pulls to the right”, this is something else.

Any suggestions regarding with this procedure name in English, please?

The video is of a collision shop performing a frame repair. They are pulling on the vehicle’s frame, not the tire. I don’t know what you are looking for specifically buy take the word tyre/tire out because you generally can’t pull on the tire to straighten damage.

To heat and stretch a suspension component to modify the camber setting would be unprofessional.


Applying heat to a suspension part could weaken the metal and cause that part to fail in the near future. That is not how a front end is aligned.

Modifying the camber may look cool to you but it will cause the vehicle to lose stability and it will reduce its ultimate cornering ability.

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First of all, I don’t know much about the procedure. When a car gets into an accident and its tires get lean or bend, these people do repair and align tires (exactly not the tires but the mechanism behind tires perhaps arms or something else). Also in the beginning of the video, you can see they are pulling from the right-side something near to strut. By the way, my concern is the name of this procedure.

If you need work on your vehicle the invoice will have what was done. Your best bet to find a actual name would be to ask a collision repair facility in your location.

Over here we generally replace the broken part if it’s safety-critical. Even if fixing it would be fine 999 out of 1,000 times, we’ll replace it to avoid getting sued by the 1-in-1000 guy who has a problem.

There are lots of languages which have words for things that we do not. For example, while we say “that guy needs to be slapped in the face,” Germans have an actual word for that (backpfeifengesicht).

In English for your situation, we’d probably just say “pulling on the bent part until it’s straight again.”

Looks like he is straightening the frame.

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Bending, straightening, pulling, aligning, all common English terms, using force to cause metal parts to become properly aligned. If someone is pounding on a big hunk of metal while heating it really hot to form it into a different shape that might be called “forging”. Blacksmiths are the people who use heat and a hammer to bend metal horseshoes so they custom fit the horse’s foot. And we have a blacksmith among our posters here, @Yosemite … you listening in? Maybe he’ll be able to provide the proper metal-work terminology.