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Public Broadcasting in the US

Fox News is a JOKE…Complete farce. Especially their commentators…who say they are entertainers…yet sound like they are the news…Biased is too soft a word…Beck, Hannity and even OReilly have been caught LYING dozens…if not HUNDREDS of times. I know a couple of faithful watchers of Fox News who believe every word. I’m amazed they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

One of my favorite shows I listened to some years ago was a show on stamps and one segment of the show was dedicated to why the US Government didn’t print a stamp of the Virgin Mary that year. They were basically doing this as a rebuttal to Rush Limbaugh who was screaming that our anti-religious Leader (Clinton) squashed the stamp because of his anti-religious views. So the show on NPR called up the man in the State department who actually made the decision to NOT print the stamp. And the reason why was because there are so many variations of the Virgin Mother you can put on a 1" square without it starting to look like one of the other Virgin Mother stamps. Each year they want it to be different. So they stopped printing it for a couple of years.

Fox News seems to be all about opinion…and NOTHING about substance.

PBS is my most watched station. Especially here in Boston where some of the best PBS shows are produced (Nova, This-Old-House).

Why do you think that so many folks refer to it as Faux News?

It exists essentially as a propaganda tool for the far right, and little else.
Fair and Balanced?
Yeah, right!