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PT Cuiser - Battery Drain

I have had battery problems with my @02 PT Cruiser - 3rd Battery just fitted!!!

The battery drain down current is about 80 mA which seems a bit high. If I remove fuse No 13 (int lights) the current then drops down to about 10mA. On re-inserting this fuse (current reverts to 80mA) there is noise of something like a solenoid comming on & also the speeedo needle flicks up.

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on this ?

Thanks very much

I agree with you that 80 mills is too high. Fuse 13 provides power to the automatic shutdown relay, the fuel pump relay (which are mounted in the power distribution center), and the PCM. Try disconnecting the PCM and see what happens. The trouble could be in the ASD relay circuit also.

Have you verified that this level of drain is still present at least thirty minutes to one hour after you last touched the car? This means you must leave the meter in place and on for the whole time and not open any doors or otherwise touch the car. On most cars, it is not unusual to see a drain like that until the electronics on the car go to sleep. That can take ten minutes to an hour after the last status change on the car, it depends on the car. I don’t know the specifics for the PT.

Does this car have the optional sub-woofer? I seem to remember a similar post a few weeks ago, and there is an issue with the sub-woofer draining the batteries of PT Cruisers.

I believe there’s a TSB on this, too.

Many thanks for all your replies/advice.
Yes, tardis, quite right, after 30mins the drain down current dropped to 20/30mA.
So, no car problem presumably poor battery!!!

Peter, Check Out This Recent Discussion. The TSB Applies To 2001 PTs, But It Might Help Somehow.
I think this is what McParadise remembered.
Click this link: