PT CRUISER is Hurting

My 2001 PT Cruiser made it to 175K miles, but after over heating they say I need a headgasket job or worse, so should I invest in a rebuilt engine($2400) or try to get the Head repaired, or say thanks and junk my baby

I’ve had it since it was new

It’s a 91 PT Cruiser. I don’t think the value of this car is much more then $2400. Probably not worth putting the money into it.

While I agree with Mike, I would suggest that while the value of your car may be $2400 and running, it would be more with a newly properly rebuilt engine. You need to make the choice.

“It’s a 91 PT Cruiser”

That would be an interesting and unique car since these vehicles were first introduced for the 2000 model year.

But, to return to the OP’s question, I would suggest a rebuilt engine if the rest of the car is in good condition. An overheated engine can result in much more damage than just a warped head, but some of that damage may not be apparent at this time. Rather than replace the head and then find that you have scored cylinders or damaged bearings, I would just go ahead with a rebuilt engine. Think of it this way–after 175k, how good a condition is the engine likely to be in even if it hadn’t overheated?

I put a lot miles on my cars and its against my nature not to fix it, but around here they have been advertising 2008 PTs for $7900 with I believe either a 100K or lifetime powertrain warranty. Gotta make you think twice about putting an engine in it.

That’s with the big print, with the little print they tell you how much cash or trade you need.I also have not seen them advertise the lifetime warranty since Fiat took over. Besides , it might be Chrysler’s lifetime that’s the limiting factor.

Junkyard engine, preferably from a vehicle which you know for a fact was wrecked.