Protege Brake issue


I have to replace the rotor and caliper on one of my cars wheels. It has 110000 miles on it and the other brake components look and work fine…should I replace them all at the same time, will only one replaced make it brake different? Also I don’t know if I should buy loaded, or unloaded…what is the difference?


You should always replace brake components in pairs. At 110,000 miles if one caliper went out on you then how long do you think the other one will last? Replace the pair of rotors and calipers together and you will probably not have to do brakes again for a long time.

As far as loaded or unloaded calipers is concerned, as long as the loaded caliper has an OEM replacement pad in it I would go “loaded”. These are calipers WITH brake pads. If you prefer to buy upgraded pads then buy “unloaded” calipers and install your own pads.