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Proprietary software

I’m shopping for a Porsche 911 (997 editition 2005 or 2006)and I found one listed for sale by a private seller. I want to have a mechanic evaluate it to make sure there aren’t any major problems. I called my local dealership to schedule an inspection and I was told that dealerships do not perform inspections for the purpose of private party sales. I asked for a referral to an independent mechanic and i was told that independent mechanics do not have access to Porsche’s prorietary vehicle diagnostic software, and therefore would not be able to give me a good assessment of the car’s quality. The dealership told me that the only way i can be sure i’m getting a good product is to buy a certified pre-owned Porsche from a dealer. Unfortunately, the CPO Porsche cost 6 to 8 thousand more that the private party vehicle. What should i do?

Call that Porsche Dealers bluff and get the car exaimined by a top of the line independant. Simply not having access to software (if this is even the truth) will not prevent a top-notch Porsche independant from giving this car a thorough inspection.

You need to connect your self with the Porsche network of private people that have intimate relationships with these cars and you will have your feet set on a path of understanding Porsche.

The dealer has an incentive ($$$$$) to sell you a CPO car. You don’t have to go by what they say.

Check your local phone directory or search the Internet for an independent Porsche specialist in your area. It’s hard to believe the dealer is your only option.

Typical dealer scare tactics. There are lots of Porche shops that work sucussfully on all year Porsches.

Ask the POC for a reference mechanic in your area.


In your first thread on this subject, I called your dream car a money pit. You don’t even own it yet and it’s starting…

The car’s computer stores codes for emissions monitoring and diagnostic purposes only. If there’s no Check Engine Light you can be reasonably confident that there’s currently no anomolies with the emissions related systems.

The overall condition of the vehicle should be able to be evaluated by any good shop. Undercarriage, fluids, brake system, exhaust, tire wear, etc.

You probably also have private shops that specialize in Porsches in your vacinity. If so, I’d try there.

The car also stores information on over revs, which can be important for engine life. Check with your local Porsche Club of America Region ( for advice on your prepurchase inspection options. My local dealer has done prepurchase inspections for people without any resistance. There are also independant shops that do have access to the PIWIS diagnostic system to which you refer. Sounds like your dealer is giving you less than accurate information. Go to the PCA web site, locate your local Region and contact them. That is one of the things PCA does. Good luck.