Proper Shifting of a '92 Mazda Miata

What is the proper method of shifting a standard transmission car. Should you shift from 1st to 2nd by letting the clutch all of the way out before depressing the accelerator or let the clutch out at the same time you depress the accelerator?

Same time, and don’t “pop” the clutch when you let it out.

Like they said, do both at same time. That’s the fun with a manual, getting to where you can shift and your passenger wouldn’t spill an open cup of coffee! Take a drive with someone that’s really good and see how they do it, then make it your goal to get to that level of skill. It doesn’t happen over night.

It’s at the same time and it’s a balance. As the clutch starts to engage, you start to give it gas. The more the clutch engages, the more gas you give it. If you do it right, then the car will move smoothly through the whole process.