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Problems with cone filter?

So last year I decided to install a cone filter air intake into my 2000 Honda passport. I just installed a cone filter, no aftermarket intake boot or anything, JUST a cone filter. And I’ve been dealing with a pesky misfire when cold or at takeoff since around the same time. So, putting 2 and 2 together I’m assuming this might have something to with it, considering I DID NOT have it tuned after and just slapped it on the OEM intake. Could this be why I’m getting a lean misfire? Due to not having the MAF tuned for the air flow it would be receiving?

The MAF should be able to compensate for the increased airflow. It is more likely that something got knocked loose during the installation.


It shouldn’t cause you any issues… I would be looking elsewhere for the misfire…there are plenty of other suspects in that thought.

Pull the codes and see who is misfiring…might be one plug…totally unrelated to the air filter. Wont know till you ask the car.

Where’s the Intake Air Temperature sensor sitting now?


Is this an oiled air filter ?

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A brand new MAF was installed last month, so I know it’s not the MAF, what could’ve been knocked loose?

Cyl. 6 has been misfiring only when started at low temps. Once it warms up it goes away and is replaced with a flutter from bank 2 and some backfire. The engine was retimed last month and that did keep it running but the miss never went away

If you can, post an image of this filter you installed.


Same place it was originally. On the intake boot close to the throttle body

Not that I know of. It’s a cheap spectre filter

Well what have you done to stop any misfiring ? Wires? Plugs? Not sure if it has a cap or rotor still in 00’ but… all of those are suspects.

Mr @Tester was onto something when he asked you about the intake temp sensor… Whats up with that? Still present?

Try some seafome or techron, and what is the maintenance history for plugs etc. I doubt an air filter is the source of trouble, if you think it is replace it with oem.

Well from that post I was dealing with a constant misfire. Maintenance on the car is well kept. New plugs(OE), new coils and coil boots. New MAF sensors, new intake gaskets, new timing belt, and I installed a glass pack muffler for less restrictive flow. So I seriously do not understand why it’s misfiring and running lean

So let’s see?

You have this cone filter under the hood, and there’s nothing to prevent the hot air from under hood from being sucked into the engine?

I hope you still have the original COLD air intake air system.



Tester is on to something here. Try putting the air intake system back to OEM and see if that helps. Change one factor at a time - you mention the cone filter first so that seems a good place to start. Good luck and please keep us informed.

I never understood why people remove the factory “Cold Air Intake” to install an aftermarket “Hot Air Intake”

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By replacing the air cleaner with a cylindrical shaped filter that is too close too the air flow sensor, you have altered the airflow path though the MAF. The air passing though the filter must make a 90 degree turn and will not pass though all areas of the MAF evenly.