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Problem with Timing Belt Replacement?

I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey. I got the timing belt replaced two weeks ago.
Last week the engine started making a quiet clicking noise upon acceleration
The clicking noise happens intermittently not continuously. Then last night the yellow engine light came on.
What does the yellow engine light mean?
Is the engine light related to the timing belt work that was done?
Would the clicking noise be connected to the timing belt work?

The Yellow engine light likely means there is a problem something which is monitored by the computer. You can have the code read at some parts stores for free and then determine what is causing the light.

It may be related to your recent work, or it may be coincidence. If it’s related to your recent work then I would expect the garage to troubleshoot for no charge.

However if it is a coincidence and not related, then I would expect to be charged for determining the problem.

I have no idea whether this noise is related to the timing belt work or not but will strongly suggest you get this sorted out very quickly.

If there’s an issue related to the timing belt and IF the belt breaks or comes off the engine will suffer some damage to the cylinder head at the least or possibly ruin the entire engine at worst.

It’s possible the timing belt cover wasn’t re-installed quite right, and the belt is now hitting into the cover during accelerations. On my Corolla anyway there isn’t much clearance in the belt path, so it would be easy to get it slightly misaligned. When you accelerate the engine rpm it puts add’l inertial forces on the timing belt , since the crankshaft powered timing belt basically drags the valves through their rotation, and when the crankshaft accelerates that puts a force on the timing belt that isn’t there at a constant engine rpm. So the belt might deflect and hit the cover. Just a theory is all. The clicking could have nothing at all to do w/the timing belt of course. One thing to consider, ask your shop to use a mechanics stethoscope or just a length of garden hose to see if they can isolate better where the noise is coming from. I’ve had a symptom like that caused by calcified debris from the radiator breaking off & finding its way into the water pump on my truck.