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Prius tweeting sound

2006 Prius has a strange intermittent tweeting sound that appears to come from the front drivers side, maybe in the console. Mechanic says it is in the tires. But I just can’t go with that. The sound almost is like a cricket…

Most Brake Pads Have Built-In “Chirpers” That Help Alert A Driver That The Pads Are Nearly Worn Out. Usually The Chirping Is Heard At Lower Speeds And Stops While The Brake Pedal Is Depressed.

If this sounds like a possibility then have the brakes checked. When was the last time you had new brake pads and brake rotors installed ?


Would You Believe The The Seat Tweets ?

Toyota has issued a 5 page TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) informing mechanics how to remedy squeaking seats in some Prius vehicles in the 2004 - 2008 Prius model-year range. They did this under the 36,000 mile / 36 month warranty or after that customers can pay to have the cars fixed.

Right and left lower seat cushion shields have been revised and made available to order and purcahse in ivory, gray, and beige, to match interior trim.

If you can wiggle around and get the seat to tweet then ask your friendly dealer for an estimate to make the car right.


We have discovered that the sound comes from under the steering wheel, somewhere in the plastics. If we reach down under the steering wheel and pull down on the plastic molding (near the tire pressure sensor, & smart key on/off) it goes away.
Any other thoughts?