Prius road wander

I have an 09 that has had alignment checked twice–it’s right on, both front and back. 9K miles. On the freeway, it tends to wander and I have to be over attentive. It also feels like the steering is a little “stickey” when gently making small corrections on the freeway. Any suggestions?

Is the car following the grooves in the highway? If so, this is called “Groove Wander”, and is a function of the spacing of the grooves in the road vs the grooves in the tires. Nothing to be done about it except change tires.

Is the car following the ruts in the highway left by years of trucks running over the same roads? If so, then there is very little that can be done except replace the vehicle with one with a different track (width between the tires side to side)

No, it’s not following the grooves. It happens on brand new blacktop as well as all other surfaces. A friend of mine has the identical car and it drives perfectly. He drove mine 2 blocks and said something is wrong with the steering, so I don’t think I’m imagining it. The dealer keeps telling me nothing is wrong.

Take it to an independent shop that specializes in front ends & alignments to get a second opinion.

How many miles are on those tires? Just for a hoot swap the front to the back and see what happens.

Does the friends car have identical tires??

Actually, no. He got the cruising package. These are the original tires–9000 miles on them.

I’ve been thinking about doing that. I know a good place. Thanks.

I just read that Toyota has acknowledged the wandering problem on late model prius’s.

Check with your dealer

Could you get me the source? This is very exciting news to me and I’d like to show them I’m not whacko!