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Prius Puzzler - oil overfilled?

Car serviced regularly, and I believe last oil change was in may, by the dealer. Had superficial body work done by shop attached to dealer–winter gravel damage. Car stopped dead with a bunch of warning lights lit (wife was driving) Towed to (different location of) dealer–who ran diagnosis and said oil was overfilled, resulting in damage to throttle, etc–didn’t give an estimate, but wife saw figure over $500 over his shoulder.

Body shop disconnected battery before painting, otherwise didn’t touch under hood, they say.

Something happened, but surely if the oil was overfilled, it wouldn’t cause a catastrophe when it was nearly time for the next change–months later?

You’d have to overfill it a LOT, and then I can’t imagine how the throttle would be damaged. Prius is drive-by-wire as far as I know, and the throttle even on a ‘normal’ car would be the last thing I’d think could be damaged by an oil overfill.

Can you post back with the exact list of what the dealer thinks is wrong with it?

I can't see it as an oil overfill.  Lets get some more data. Whoever did the diagnosis should provide a written report, especially if you paid for it.  A list of any error codes would be good.  They should be in the format [P1234]  Not something like it needs a widget replaced.  If you can get this data and post it as a reply to your original message, it would help us give you some information. 

Having said that, it is possible something other than oil ended up in the oil sump and caused an overfill.

Thanks for the interest. This morning, they repeat the same mantra–need to replace the throttle body, this can happen because the oil is overfilled… but with an addition: This is a warrantee issue, it is all covered, it’ll be ready this evening.

I’d still like to know what really happened–I’ve confirmed that the oil was last changed by Center City Toyota on May 4th. If I can get the diagnostic codes out of them when I go to pick the car up, I’ll post them.

I don’t have any clear picture in my head of what they say is happening–any links to a diagram that might help would be welcome.

I suppose that if the oil level was high enough, some could be pulled into the throttle body via the PCV system. I still have trouble believing that would ruin the throttle body. It seems like it could be cleaned.
Of course, if this is what happened, you are lucky if there is no internal engine damage.

I believe if the oil was that high the car wouldn’t start…

and I especially doubt it would have run for months after the oil change before a problem presented itself as well.