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Prius oil out then engine automatically shuts off?

Hi. Is it true, that if I almost run out of oil in the Prius, the engine will automatically turn off before any damage can happen?

Your premise is wrong. Your still going to do extreme harm to your engine if you run it low on oil, so I suggest you get in the habit of checking your oil. That’s why they include dipsticks.

Why are you asking? Planning of running out of oil?


I have a generator with a Briggs and Stratton 8 hp engine. This engine does have a low oil shutoff feature. However, it is designed to be in service where nobody is monitoring the oil level. On a car, you do have gauges and warning lights on the dashboard. Furthermore, it isn’t all that difficult to check the oil when filling the gas tank.

Where did you hear this?

I’m not sure, but I think my son was told by the dealer that the Tahoe he was ferrying to Alaska two years ago had an automatic shut-down if the oil level got too low. I realize that that does not make sense – how would it sense oil level with the engine running? But maybe it was a cut-off for low oil pressure, which might work just the well.

From the number of “I drove only 10 miles back home after the light came on” stories in this forum, such a protective feature might be useful (but annoying to people who know how to take care of their cars).

I heard this in my Hybrid classes. Honda and Toyota Hybrids (Maybe others but can’t say for sure) will not allow the gas engine to start if the computer detects a low oil level.
We actually had issues in the shop when new techs that hadn’t learned any better would change oil filters without priming them first. The electric engines would run, but the PCM would throw an engine light and the gas motor would not start because it would read no oil from the empty oil filter.

I have friends that have ruined lawnmower engines by not checking the oil and letting the oil in the crankcase get too low. I’ve never thought it very difficult to check the oil before I start mowing. I guess people are the same way with cars. It doesn’t seem all that difficult to me to pull the dipstick and check the oil when I purchase gasoline.

I got a regular service at the Toyota dealership, oil change included. Then about 30 minutes later I got a emergency light and a oil can light on. The bolt holding the oil must have fallen off. Prius got towed to the dealership and the mechanic told me not to worry about the engine because it had an automatic shut off if the oil got too low.

Thanks to all that replied. Looks like it might possibly be true. Hopefully the prius doesn’t have any damage.