Prius light

2012 Prius has single small overhead light . About the size of a grape. It shines down on shifter area. It cannot be turned off or adjusted. It is in addition to the overhead “dome” light. I can basically turn off the dash lights. There is a thumb wheel that varies the brightness of dash display. The Prius dash “info” display is interesting and somewhat complex in the various modes you can display. Perhaps Toyota assumes owners like to see lots of info on display? But, driving at night, I do not like the spotlight on shifter area. It is not bright. Just enough to annoy me. I suppose I could put a piece of tape over the light?

My 2008 Chevy HHR also has that annoying light. I’m used to it now but I was almost ready to remove it but found out it was not that easy to do. Maybe it will just burn out on it’s own. I tried removing the fuse for it but it appeared to be linked to other lights that I use. Frustrating.

Time for some tape? I’d try and find some way to unplug or block the light, but not cause it to overheat.

Toyota service tech said light may be “accent” light. It might not be adjustable