Prius Driveaxle

I am seriously debating whether this is something I want to undertake. My driver side front wheel on my 07 Prius was able to be wobbled when off the ground and all lug nuts tight. Wheel and brake caliper off I am able to wobble the drive axle. Case of a simple bushing or baring repair or worse??? I have pulled the drive axle from a 98 Sentra before but was not that enjoyable. If I were to bite the bullet and send to Toyota dealer how much do you think a repair on this might set me back?

If the you were able to wobble the tire it means the wheel bearing is shot,


Sounds like a problem with the wheel bearing rather than the drive axle. If I remember correctly you may be able to remove the wheel bearing/hub assembly without removing the axle. You will still need tools to remove the axle nut and properly retorque it.