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Prius battery issues when in storage?

I have a 2010 Prius. The car will be in storage for 5 months. After reading posts re: battery drain I need suggestions on how to store for this period without draining/damaging battery. By the way, not certain which battery (12 v or specialized) I’m referring to.

I wouldn’t think 5 months would be overly hard on it. Some cars sit that long on the dealer’s lot. If you could get someone to drive it for 20 miles or so every month, that would help.

If the car is parked in a garage with a 120V electrical outlet within reach via extension cord, then I’d get a “Battery Tender” charger and hook it up for the 5 months you are away. The battery will be fine, fully charged, and ready to go when you return.

I’m referring to the 12V normal type car battery in the Prius. The high voltage battery pack will be fine and needs not attention at all.

Make mine a second vote for a “Battery Tender.” You want to concern yourself with the 12V battery. It will go flat way before five months. A “Battery Tender” will keep it freshly charged without over-charging.

As an alternative to a Battery Tender?, you can also use a regular battery charger plugged into a 24 hour timer set to turn the battery charger on for about 30 minutes or so every 24 hours.
This will keep a car battery charged without charging it to death.

The big battery is a nickel metal-hydride battery and nearly discharged is actually the preferred state of charge for storage with this type of battery.