Prius Airbag Wiring Harness repair

Can the airbag wiring harness on a 2005 Toyota Prius require replacement after 10 years? My friend will be paying $2,000 (mostly labor) for this work and the local dealer needs to send to Boston for the part. Is this on the level?

No way for us to know. It is unusual. Squirrels/mice maybe? No accident?

Do you mean the air bag clock spring?

This is located inside the steering column behind the steering wheel. This is what allows the electrical connections to occur between the turning steering wheel and the rest of the vehicles electrical system.

These clock springs reel out a ribbon of wires as the steering wheel is turned and then reel the wires back in. Think of how a tape measure reels out the tape and reels it back in. Same thing.

Yes. These clock springs do wear out over time where replacement is required. However, that price is a little steep.

The site I’m referring to has the clock spring for under $200.00, and labor is just a couple of hours.


It depends on what needs to be repaired. Some connections are available and others are not. Some stores will not repair the SRS harness due to liability concerns. Can you post what the damage is listed as?