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Primary 02 sensor on 03 Camry

My check engine light says the primary 02 sensor is bad. Camry 4cy has 104000 miles. Anybody else have this problem? Do I need to use OEM or will the generic work? I hear they hide a way to shut the check engine light off and sometimes the 02 sensor isn’t even bad!

With that many miles on the vehicle, it would come as no surprise if the O2 sensor required replacing. They don’t last forever.

An aftermarket O2 sensor from an auto parts store will work just fine.


I dunno’, Tester. On the old Sienna Club, there were people who had problems with generic aftermarket sensors on some models. There seemed to be very specific sensor requirements on some Toyotas in that era. I realize Sienna and Camry might be different, but thought I’d point this out.

At 102 K it isn’t unusual to have to replace the O2 sensor. I’d suggest to simply replace it. I’ve done this on a Toyota Collorola w/out much difficulty. I think I used an aftermarket device and haven’t had any difficulty.

The “check engine” light is operated by a computer. It it likely there are “secret” ways to turn it off. If you can find the Toyota Maintenance Manual for your make, model, and year, that will likely tell you how. I always purchase the manufacturer’s manual anytime I but a car. For my Corolla, the manual told me how to read and re-set the check engine light. Or, if you don’t have the manual, you could try Googling.

I wouldn’t just turn the light off though. It is there for a purpose, and addressing the problems as they occur can help avoid problems in the future that can bring your trip to a sudden halt on the side of the road. The check engine light usually indicates a routine service may be needed, and it is better to do this on your schedule, rather that on the schedule of the next tow truck.