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Price counts

i have a 1998 chevy lumina ?,how much should it cost to put a oil pan gasket and rear seals?shop said they have to take engine out and it would be about 500$ what the #@###**&!!!its a 15$ gasket

Assuming they do have to remove the engine, that estimate represents about 5 hours of labor which sounds reasonable. I recently spent more than $500 to replace an $11 gasket that required significant disassembly on the engine, “stuff happens.”

Sometimes the bolts have to be tightened. They are really loose some times. Make sure the rear seal is leaking before you let them change it. The seal isn’t located where it can be changed without removing the engine in most cars. We all need more pay so we don’t have to drive a ten year old Lumina too.

That’s not a bad price, if indeed the engine does need to be removed. I know on my dad’s 97 Crown Victoria the engine had to be lifted up about 6 inches to replace a leaking oil pan. Obviously not the same car as yours, but it does happen.

it’s not the shop’s fault the engine has to come out to replace a rear main seal. the only way around it if you’re unhappy about paying shop labor rates is to perform the work yourself.

some years back i had to remove the engine from a chevrolet in order to replace a block plug that was gushing coolant from behind the flex plate. the car owner was not happy about a 3 figure labor bill to replace a 1.50 block plug but there was no way around it.
mechanics have no say-so in the in the design and construction phases of automobiles.

has the pcv valve been considered here? a stuck pcv can force oil out past gaskets and seals so that should be inspected first.

back in the 80’s a friend of mine owned a chevy monza with the V8…Was he pissed when he found out it cost $100 for an oil change…To do the oil change in that vehicle you had to loosen the engine mounts and raise the engine to get the oil filter…GREAT DESIGN GM.

Are you sure you’re not thinking of replacing one of the spark plugs on that puppy, Mike? That (also?) required raising the engine.