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Price check Front Disc Brakes

1984 Ford F-150. Yesterday, began to shutter like a screen door in a hurricane at 35 MPH. I hit the brakes, it pulled hard left. Figured some catastrophic failure of my brake system. Pulled over. Had it towed to mechanic. Mechanic says both front discs have to be replaced (calipers, pads, brake lines) and the cost is $500.00. Seem reasonable? Something about sticking calipers and warped discs, etc…What does anyone think?

That all sounds about right - especially if the shudder was when you put on the brakes.

Its a pretty old truck. Are you sure you’re not just ready to buy a repair manual, a jack & some jack stands?

Condo living in Seattle does not afford such luxuries. No vehicle repair in parking lot/property clause.

If you did it yourself, you could easily spend $400 on the parts alone. I’d say you got a very good price, if the mechanic can hold that price. Since he is replacing everything, the labor might not be too bad, just the time needed to bleed the system when he gets done.

Ok, thanks for the input. I told him to go forward. Not like you can drive it without brakes…nor sell it, for that matter.