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Preventive maintenance

I have a 2003 Accord that I only use 3 or 4 times a year. I was thinking of pulling the fuel injection and ignition fuse out and cranking for a about 5 seconds to build oil pressure before I actually start it. Is this a good idea?

It won’t hurt anything, go ahead.

You will reap more benefit from making sure the oil is changed at least once a year regardless of miles.

Even with the fuses out you’ll be cranking a “dry” engine until the pressure comes up. I don’t’ think you’ll be doing enough good to be worth the effort. Turn the key to on and give it a few seconds for the fuel pump to build pressure before you hit the starter. If it starts quickly you’ll have oil pressure very quickly. If it takes a few cranks it is the same as you cranking it with the fuse out. The gas injected into the cylinder gives the upper cylinder some lubrication.

To help the motor get lubed fast you could use a 5W-20 oil or even a 0W-20 oil. A full synthetic oil will stick to the metal better and is also better for your application than standard oil.