Prev. maintenace checklist



Does anyone know of a good prevenative maintenace checklist that I can stay current on to keep my car in shape? I have a 1998 VW Jetta TDI and need to keep her going.


Its all described in the car’s owner’s manual, though sometimes there is a separate little booklet for service/maintenance. If you don’t have these I would just find one. Sometimes they can be found full text online.


All the information you need should be in the owner’s documentation that came with the car.

If you don’t have the documentation you might be able to get it from VW’s website or


you should look at your car manual (hope you still have it) and check with things that needed to be done from the beginning at different mileage intervals. like rotate tires at certain mileage , change air filters-- at certain mileage , spark plugs , etc. you should use that as a guideline for maintenance as you continue to keep this car up to maintenance shape. rust is not something you can cope with?? i had a beautiful 87 lin. town car showroom looking. i went to my mechanic for inspection— frame was rusted at a place i could not even see??? i kept up the car faithfully. but life goes on best of luck.