Pressure Pulse Sensor

I see that eBay is selling a device called the Pressure Pulse Sensor. Does anybody here have experience with this device?

No, what’s it do?

Could you provide a link?

There were some engines that had a fuel pressure pulse damper on their fuel rails… not a sensor but maybe misnamed?

The description seems to say that it is mounted in the exhaust manifold, and sends a pressure signal (to what?) that you can get a baseline for, and later, if the signal changes, it gives info about which cylinder has changed characteristics. It can be synced to the #1 cylinder for this.

That seems more like a dyno-room test tool to me. I doubt many mechanics have an oscilloscope in their toolbox nor would they have an engine’s “pressure signature” to compare when the car comes in for service.

To me, it appears as though the sensor is an industrial grade pressure transducer that the seller is trying to build a bigger market for.

Notice it says “no returns”!

The geeks among us will note that oscilloscopes are much cheaper, and a PC can be made into a scope.
It sounds like a large garage working on identical vehicles (such as USPS) might find this setup useful.

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